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“I truly enjoyed editing Megan’s work. I was always impressed by her willingness to tackle any assignment, her eye for evocative photos, her ear for the best quotes, her respect for even the tightest deadlines, and her interest in continuous improvement. She was a valued and versatile contributor to the success of every project.”

-Joe Pixler, Internal Communications Consultant, University of Chicago Medicine

“My favorite quality about Megan is that she is fearless in taking on new challenges. Often, we at Chicago Art Machine Network ask people to take on tasks they have little support or preparation for, and Megan is always quick to give it a shot, and always excels and performs beyond my expectations.”

-Kathryn Born, Editor-in-Chief, Chicago Art Machine Network


“I have been extremely pleased with the manner in which Megan Doherty executes her work and communicates with our staff. It has been a pleasure to work with someone like Ms Doherty, who is capable of receiving assignments on short notice, and completing them independently and on time. Many of the articles Ms Doherty authored for the magazines are of a research-based nature, requiring of her to do large amounts of internet research in addition to interviews with artists, filmmakers and business owners through email, over the phone and in person. Her copy is impeccable, and her articles are always stimulating and enjoyable to read. Ms Doherty has proven herself to be a creative, apt writer who represents the Chicago Art Machine Network with professionalism and proficiency.”

-Robin Dluzen, Managing Editor, Chicago Art Machine Network

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